Success at Home, Success at the Office

We saw in our daily life that more women are working in the office rather than staying at home taking care of family. Of course, we can’t say that working at home doesn’t have the same meaning with working at the office. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids is also called work, but the meaning of “work” itself somehow had expanded these days. The meaning of “work” can be associated with working outside the house and have a career.

It is also true that for most of the women that had tasted the excitement of working, become more and more independent and sometimes doesn’t think about having a family. They are so committed to their job, pursuing their dream and achieving their goal. Become a wife or a mother seems lack of excitement, doing the routine job every day and facing the same situation all the time, seems like not a good option. To be honest, sometimes we think that it is an obligation to do all the house work and we never give credit for what they have done to run and maintain the house hold. Therefore, many women prefer to stay single or be married in the age of 30’s these days.

But is it true that these two sides of world (being a house wife and a career woman) can’t get along? Well, the truth is: it can. The key is balance, how we can manage our time so these two things can get along just fine. Here are a few tips that you could try: 오피

1. Manage your time at home so everything can be done as it always is. If you feel like you can’t handle it by yourself then it is not an embarrassment to ask for assistance, whether it is your husband or even your kids. Giving your kids a job could also mean you’re teaching them to be responsible and discipline. The decrease amount of communication also should not be a major problem if you could increase the quality of your communication with them.

2. You may be superior at the office, but at home you must remember your role. Your husband is still the head of the family. Discussion is a must but when it comes to decision, don’t decide everything by yourself.

3. Keep professional at the office. It is important to know the ethic of working and office environment. Therefore you know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Don’t bring office work and problems to your home. Whatever problems you have at the office, it is better to solve it in the office.



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